Solo kayaks and canoes (Sprint Courses) and Solo kayaks and Tandem kayaks (Subaru Long Course) are available during online race registration. Boats will be allocated based on height and weight of racer, and will be first-come first-served. We strongly recommend booking super-early to get access to these subsidized boat rentals:
- Select the corresponding check-box for your boat rental during online registration.
- Agree to the additional terms and conditions that appear during online registration.
- Boats suitable for the 25km course will be available for pickup at Bluewater Park during pre-race check in. Boats suitable for the 100km course will be available on the morning of the race at the start line, and sufficient time will be given to adjust foot pedals.
- Simply leave your rental gear at the last transition when you’re done!*

- Rental kayaks will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.
- Please show up at Bluewater Park during pre-race check-in with your initials marked on any of your personal gear.
- Please bring your ID and your credit card to Bluewater Park during pre-race check in in order to complete any forms at that time. - Race registration refunds will not be issued in a scneario where organizers cannot secure you rental gear including kayak or canoe.
- Your rental provider will either be Suntrail Source for Adventure or Explorer's Tread, depending on when you registered.

Hwy #6, Hepworth, Ontario
Email Suntrail HERE
Phone: 1-877-882-2958
Fax: 519-935-3797

Lions Head, Ontario
Email Explorer's Tread HERE
Phone: 1-519-270-8461

* Subaru Long Course RELAY teams transport all equipment themselves.