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Many questions could also be answered by reading the respective races "Racer Handbook". Links as follows:

Q. How do I edit registration information?

A. Send an email to with the changes.


Q. How do I transfer my registration to someone else?

A. Send an email to with the new participants:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Gender

  • Birth Date

  • Email Address

  • Street Address

  • City

  • Province

  • Country

  • Postal Code/Zip Code

  • Cell Phone (on event weekend)

  • T-Shirt Size (Unisex)

  • Sock Size (Unisex)

 *Note, there is a fee of $20 to transfer an entry. The fee can be interac e-transferred to

To help locate people interested in swapping a bib, try posting on the events Facebook Discussion Group.  

Q. What is the refund policy?

A. As with most participatory or live events their is a no refund policy. No refunds due to inclement weather, act of god, natural disaster, war, strike, revolution, lack or failure of transportation facilities, laws or interventions or actions of statutory bodies, major accidents during the race, or other such causes.  If you cannot attend the event please let us know by emailing us at Participants are permitted to sell, or transfer their entries to another individual (see details above). 

Q. Is it necessary to ride a Mountain bike?

A. Pretty much! All our courses include a significant portion of trail riding, so you will want to bring your mountain bike, preferably with suspension; although not mandatory. Considerations include very rocky trails, mud, and steep, uneven descents. Access points are often quite far away if there's a breakdown. We strongly discourage using any bicycle with thin tires, even on the sprint courses, as you may find long sections unrideable. Gravel bikes have been used on the Sprint courses in recent years by capable riders. IMPORTANT NOTE: Road bikes and Cyclocross bikes are NOT allowed on the Subaru Long Course, and not recommended for Suntrail Course & Run Duathlon. A recently-tuned Mountain Bike is actually part of the mandatory gear for the Subaru Long Course. We do not want anyone to have to walk their bike out of the woods so please consider using a recently-tuned and reliable mountain bike for a enjoyable race experience. All Kids Race participants need to bring a suitably-sized bicycle.

Q. All the canoe/kayak rentals are spoken for on the registration form, can you recommend another outfitter?

A. Thorncrest Outfitters is the next closest rental provider. They often deliver direct to the host site. Call to inquire (1-888-34KAYAK).

Q. Can I paddle a SUP or a tandem kayak in Suntrail Course?

A. On the Suntrail Course, only canoes qualify for prizing in the team category & only solo kayaks, surfskis, SUP’s and Outrigger Canoes (OC1) qualify for prizing in the solo categories.

Q. Will there be water/food anywhere along the course?

A. The Transition Areas (TA's) are where you switch from one stage to the next in a multisport race. The TA's will be stocked with water, electrolyte mix, and first aid equipment, be staffed by volunteers who are trained in the race emergency management plan, and there will be a portable toilet or two. That's about it! There will be no food provided at a TA, nor or any race snacks available for purchase. It's up to you to pack with the appropriate snacks and food if you require them. You're also strongly encouraged to pack any medication you may require.

**Also note, this is a CUPLESS event, participants will need to carry their own vessel to refill drinks at Aid Stations**

Q. How do Teams work?

A. "Teams-of-2" on the Suntrail Course and Subaru Long course race together and cannot be more than 10m apart for the duration of the event. Relay Teams on the Subaru Long Course can range from 2p to 5p, but each person must do at least one stage. They can hand-off wherever they’d like, and as often as they’d like, as long as the handoff is at a designated transition. 

Q. What's the minimum age?

A. The minimum age for the Suntrail Course or Run Duathlon course is 14+ if the racer is accompanied by an adult (either in a team or running in the same solo wave, so that the adult can properly monitor the energy levels and proper hydration of the youth) and 16+ if the racer is competing alone. This aligns our event more closely with the youth developmental standards of relevant sport bodies such as Athletics Canada and Triathlon Canada/Kids of Steel. The minimum age for the Subaru Long Course is 18+ if racing the full course solo, or on a team of 2. Relay Team members need to be 16+.

Q. I swore I lost something at the BPMR! Have you seen it?

A. Please contact us here if you lost an item at a previous race.

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